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Card issuance procedures and fee payment

For information on activation after completion of the application, click here.

STEP1Fill in the card application form to finalise the order.

1) On the registration page, select the type of card you wish to obtain. The issuance fee for each card is a flat rate of VND200,000.

2) Enter your name in half-width Roman capital letters. Please note that the name entered here will be the name that appears on the card. For the name of the school, please enter the name in the official English spelling.

3) Upload a proof photograph taken 'in accordance with the photograph on your passport (no background, no hat, bust shot)' and of at least 450 x 540px in size.

※The photo registered here will appear on the face of your virtual card. Please note that it cannot be changed after the card has been registered.

4) Upload one photo of the front and one photo of the back of your ID card.

    ◆ Identification for each card

  • ・ISIC: Student ID or proof of enrolment

  • ・ITIC: Teachers' ID

  • ・IYTC:Passport or other document showing date of birth

Please take as clear a picture as possible so that you can see the written text etc. When you have completed the form, select 'Go to confirmation screen'.

5) When you have checked that the information you have entered is correct, select 'Submit' to complete the procedure.

STEP2Payment of application fee

1) Once you have completed the procedure, you will receive an email to the email address you entered with a URL for fee payment.

2) The MOMO application is used for payment. Please transition to the payment page from the fee payment URL in the email and scan the QR code located on the page with the scanning function of the MOMO app to complete the payment. After completing the payment, you will receive an email from ISIC within 72 hours for activation.

    ◆ Cancellation, Refunds, etc.

  • In principle, no cancellations or refunds will be made after activation of the virtual card. However, in the following cases, a refund will be made after deducting an administrative fee of 50,000VND (tax included).

    ・In the event that the applicant is determined to be ineligible to apply for the card.
    ・When we determine that the information provided by the applicant is false.

  • In addition, the Company shall not be liable for compensation in the following cases

  • ・Damages caused by reasons beyond the Company's control, such as natural disasters
    ・Damages arising from special circumstances, whether or not foreseen by the Company
    ・Damages caused by acts indispensable for the provision of this service, such as server maintenance

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About virtual card activation

Click here to learn more about the application.

STEP1Check your email and download the application.

You will receive an email with the following information from ISIC within 72 hours of completing the payment. Activation can be set up on a PC, but as the virtual card is displayed on a smartphone, we recommend setting it up on a smartphone.

1) Tap the Google play or App Store button and download the ISIC app.


2) When [Get] is complete, tap [Open]. The app is launched.
※The image below is from the App Store.


STEP2After launching the app, register an account.

1) Tap [Create Account].


2) Check the name and serial number in the email you received in STEP 1 and copy and paste them into the input fields to ensure they are correct. When completed, tap [Confirm].


3) Enter the email address you registered when applying for the card and set a new password, then tap [Register].
※Please keep the password in a safe place.


STEP3Log in and activate your virtual card.

1) When you register your account, you will receive a new email from ISIC as follows. [Click/tap Activate your ISIC account now] You are now ready to log in.
※Please note that you will not be able to log in without this process.


2) Return to the ISIC app and enter the email address and password set in STEP2.Tap [Login].


Once you have logged in, activation is complete! Tap [Show ISIC card] at the bottom of the main page to view your card. Enjoy a great journey around the world.

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